These Be Your Gods (2009) [ Songtexte ]

These Be Your Gods

on the second day they came back

brought us instant coffee we became fat


I tried to fight them but I can't go on

I got addicted to their meals


control the controllers

count the counters

start the counter-attack


take a paint brush

and write the new rules

on the biggest walls


i came to fight them but i broke - apart

they took my hometown by surprise


these be your gods

doesn't matter what you say

there is nothing that cannot be sold

3 for 2 is 2 for 3 for me but you must not know


you are surrounded by the way

there 's too much pressure in all of this

the food is much faster than you anyway


the food is here but where are you my friend?

everytime you break my bread

you turn my waste into gold


everytime you buy a gramme

you get something for free

high percentage alcohol is something that will make

you believe




when we woke up today the world was painted black

so we went out to paint it green


yesterday was bad because this man got bored

and he crashed into the oil refinery

this was breaking news indeed


he is the one who controls what's on the big screens

he has grown so big so fast

he is infiltrating town halls

information breakdown rules


we did some sampling here inserted some new code

and we found this plant that grows real fast

but what we didnt know the plant had evil thoughts

and it had more brains than all of us

it had a conscience on its own


one day ago - the plant is losing it all right now

and the same day - it has grown so big so fast

breaking news - no it's chewing on the town hall

this is the end - and it's swallowed as a whole

so here are some more...


"good morning ladies and gentlemen

today the museum of contemporary arts

has been swallowed by a giant flower

our ugly new bridge has also been destroyed

which is not bad at all. thank you

the giant plant turned into a nuclear plant

after it had made love to our nuclear plant

thank you for joining"


one day ago - the roots destroyed our cables

and the same day - its branches crushed our doors

breaking news - there was nowhere left to go to

this is the end - collateral damage grows


help of high-level protection

within the government of


(put the name of your country here)


all you black masks

all you hate saps

you wag the dog

you should be punished and locked away


they shot me, subdued me

captivated every single one of the weak

they force me, control me

they tell me reasons

but I just don't buy that excuse


the hidden costs like bodies lost

they disappear with the file-shredding-service-truck

machine-gunned to death

so do not penetrate the secrets of the upper-class


they shoot us, subdue us, captivate us

every single day of the week

they force us, control us, they take advantage

of them being strong while we're weak


all I have done, all I have bought

I have been brainwashed I do what I'm told

all I have done, all I have bought

I have been brainwashed

All you might want, All you might see

All you might ever want is to get free

All you might want, All you might see

It's all you ever




You Got To Know Yourself

You got to know yourself

there is something in your eyes

that the others just cannot see

are you friend or foe

are you really as confused

about the high art of diplomacy


you are like us all

you only know what they want

you're the blueprint of us all

we are just like you

we have everything we need

but we are still not satisfied


what is right or wrong?

They change the meaning of these words

by the time we speak

where's your presence now?

you have to filter information bits

to get to something we should know


you have to keep it up

every little step you make

is like another loss they take

we were just like you

but we have pulled the plug and finally we know


you got to know yourself

you always have to keep in your head

when you are beaten down to stay on track

where's the handshake gone

I'm shure that yestersay they shook his hand

Name a Game

the foolish madman who's in all of us

planting seeds on the fields that belong to us

they will search they will find (and) sueing all of us


those fertile soils are full of sterile seeds

the result of a cult enabling evil deeds

they modify no salvation for the honest man


i name a game you have to play


is this the way that it's meant to be

an epidemic plague on payment of a fee

what we get what we want are two different things


but when we come back

you'll be amazed how many we are


what is the name?

name of the game

i name a game

you have to play


one day to remember

we'll be the commander

and you will surrender

it always had...

but when we come back

you'll be amazed

how many we are

it always had to be



And When I Speak

I'm going home now

I have speculated just once more

I got addicted to this

system that fails you and your friends


it's quite amazing to watch them

as they try to find who's to blame

but in the end the problem

is really caused by people like me


and when i speak...

when i call...

when you fall...

you are weak...

... i can't control myself


I'm going home now

I have built another concrete wall

you are my host today,

tomorrow, for the rest of your lives

it's quite amazing that something

as simple as this really works out

but in the end you know that

you are just too weak for me


this is how it goes

such a simple cause

this is how it goes

this makes the (my) world go round


and when i speak - it makes the world go round

and when i call - it makes the world go round

that's when you fall - it makes the world go round

while you are weak - you make my world go round